O-Rid Herbal Capsules

O-Rid Herbal Capsules

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O-rid Herbal Capsules

Is the complete answer for Fatness and weight related issues. It cut down excessive cholesterol from your body and improves digestion, bowel movement which increases immunity. Thereby rising your daily life, processed food should be avoided. The primary reason for the above said difficulties are alcohol, depression, generation reason, over diet, prolonged medicines, or tobacco consumption. O-rid Capsule are combination of essential herbs such as aswagandha, nishotra, resont, & trikatu and many more which improves cholesterol level. Our product is safe and has no side effect.
To get the desired results the course of medication has to be maintained on regularly basis.

Dose & Packing:

  • 1 capsule twice a day with warm water.
  • 30 capsules in Plastic container.