Selipnil Herbal Syrup

Selipnil Herbal Syrup

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Selipanil Herbal Syrup

is a very useful medicine for piles, fistulas, fissures & bleeding. It is made from natural and concentrated herbal extracts that quickly relax & is effective.There are various reasons such as indigestion, processed food, spicy food, stressful work life, weak bowel movement, & continuous prolonged sitting for above mentioned problem. Selipanil liquid is a smart formulation of herbs like harda, sonamukhi, suran and many more which curbs all types of piles. Medication has to be maintained regularly and at proper time intervals as mentioned to get the desired result. During the course of medication spicy foods are not to be taken.

Dose & Packing:

  • 20 ml single dose.
  • 20 ml plastic container.