Yukta Herbal Capsules

Yukta Herbal Capsules

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Yukta Powder Capsules

Are complete curative for Diabetic problems. The persons on Insulin can also get relief from our product. There are various reason for Diabetes the major reasons are hereditary, irregular diet, depression, work load and tension. Our product is made from unique natural formulation of various herbs such as chairata sapyparni bel patra, gudmar, indrajav, jambu beej, kalmegh, karela, mamajeva, methi, neem, and other herbs. Most importantly our medication course has to be maintained on regular basis without any gap so as to get the desired result.

Key Note:

  • During the course of Yukta powder, Consumption of sugar is avoided.
  • Whereas in case of Yukta capsules, sugar can be taken once the sugar level are maintained.
  • Dose for Yukta powder is 1 tea spoon empty stomach in morning and before sleep at night.
  • Dose For Yukta Capsules is 1 capsule twice a day with warm water.
  • Carton containing 2 poly bags of morning and evening dose for Yukta Powder.
  • 30 capsules in Plastic container.